About Bradley Gunsight Co.

Bradley Gunsight History


Almost 100 years ago, in 1922, accomplished trap shooter Lewis H. Bradley set out to develop a durable, highly visable, target-grade shotgun sight.  His results were so successful that he was granted a U.S. patent and subsequently formed the Lewis H. Bradley Company to manufacture and distribute his product.  The Bradley screw-in shotgun sight soon became, and still remains, the standard that others imitate. Today, the Bradley Gunsight Company carries on the tradition with a broad line of high quality shotgun sights.  Bradley shotgun sights are favorites among hunters, skeet shooters, and trap shooters.

Simple, Yet Elegant


With the genuine Bradley sight, the shooter is offered instant targeting, thanks to Bradley's clean, uncluttered design and brightly colored beads.  The shooter sees only the bead; there are no encircling black bands or "wings" to obscure the target.

Quality Shotgun Sights


Concern for quality is evidenced throughout Bradley Gunsight products: from the use of only the finest materials during production, to the workmanship in the clean, precision threading of each screw mount. Our shotgun sights are made with high quality hardened steel and hard plastic beads, and are hand assembled and counted for each order.

Why Bradley shotgun sights are better


Highest Quality Manufacturing

Bradley's standard shotgun sights are manufactured on state of the art precision manufacturing CNC machines.  This makes for a perfect thread and fit.

Simple Design

Bradley's shotgun sights mount smoothly onto the rib or barrel with no distraction projections.  All you see is the bright bead at the end of the barrel.

The Perfect Fit

Bradley's shotgun sights are available in a wide range of sizes,  including metric threads and oversize threads.

Made In The U.S.A.

All Bradley sights are manufactured and assembled in Connecticut, U.S.A