Bradley Shotgun Sights

The different bead sizes and colors available afford the serious shooter a convenient means of altering the impact area of his shots without resorting to costly gun modifications.  A smaller sight and dull bead will cause a raising of the impact area, while a slight lowering effect can usually be achieved through use of a larger, brighter bead.

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Shotgun Sights


Bradley Front Bead Shotgun Sights

Bradley Gunsight's standard front bead shotgun sight is manufactured out of hardened steel and then coated to prevent rust and deterioration.  These sights my be mounted on the rib or directly onto the barrel.  The front bead sights are available in two bead sizes, 1/8 inch and 5/32 inch beads, with numerous thread sizes and shank lengths (see our specifications page HERE).  These front bead sights are available in white, red, and gold/brass bead colors.


Bradley Solid Brass Shotgun Sights

Bradley Gunsight's mid-rib and standard brass shotgun sights are manufactured with precision from solid brass. These sights are available in 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch bead sizes, with a variety of thread sizes available (see our specifications page HERE).  Bradley Gunsight's solid brass sights are available in plain brass, bright silver, or dull silver finishes. Please see our specifications page for sizing and recommended installation.

Attention Gunsmiths

The broad range of sizes and colors offered by the Bradley line of quality shotgun sights is of particular value to gunsmiths for repair work.  For example, a sight with an extra long shank could be used to secure the front end of a ventilated rib to the gun barrel.  Or, in the case of work or damaged threads causing a loose sight, the gun smith has the option of choosing a sight with a slightly larger thread size, drilling and tapping the hole as needed.

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We strongly recommend the Bradley sights be installed by qualified gunsmiths. It is best to determine the actual thread size of a previous sight, so that an exact replacement can be ordered.  Alternatively, the following table may be used for reference, taking into account that the actual size for direct replacement may vary depending on the model number, year of manufacture, etc.